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In our templates all wordings of both back-end and front-end are moved to separated language files, so you can easily translate them into any language you want.

Dane kolekcji nie zostały skonfigurowane

Interactive images presentation by JSN ImageShow extension


Currently our templates support more then 10 languages and more to be come in future.

English support
German support
Dutch support
Italian support
Spanish support
French support
Japanese support
Danish support
Russian support
Polish support

Responsive Layout

All templates have special built-in design optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile-based.

Unlike other template providers, we do not develop something that looks like a mobile app with heavy menu and animation. We built compact and lightweight version of the template preserving the whole original look-and-feel.

Mobile layout overview on Iphone

Mobile layout overview

Mobile layout overview

Module positions in mobile layout

Module positions in mobile layout

As default, all modules will be displayed on both desktop and mobile. To display a module on only desktop or on only mobile, you can add Module Class Suffix parameter as following:

  • Display a module on only desktop: display-desktop
  • Display a module on only mobile: display-mobile

Mobile layout overview on Ipad

Mobile Ipad layout overview

Mobile layout overview on Ipad

Optimized HTML overrides for mobile

Article presentation (com_content)

Article presentation (com_content)

News feeds presentation (com_newsfeeds)

News feeds presentation (com_newsfeeds)

We optimized HTML overrides for all default Joomla! extensions to make them looks neat in mobile edition. The work is mainly focused on rearrangement content from columns to rows.

Optimized menu for mobile

For mobile edition, we have built very simple, yet effective menu system, where all children menu items are presented as tree in collapsible panel. This menu system utilizes only little Javascript (MooTool) for expanding/collapsing submenu panels and is very fast and lightweight.

Special designed mobile menu system

Special designed mobile menu system

Children menu items are presented as tree

Children menu items are presented as tree

Mobile Menu with icons and rich text

The most amazing thing is mobile menu inherits all the goodies of regular menu like icons and rich text.

Mobile menu with icons applied

Mobile menu with icons applied

Mobile menu with rich text

Mobile menu with rich text

The responsive feature is enabled on live demo. You can check this by resizing the demo to the desired size and see how it presents on mobile devices.

All JoomlaShine templates powered by Sun Framework can be effortlessly configured by template parameters. In template setting page, you will find unlimited template parameters arranged into logical groups for convenient operation.

Set parameters without confusion

Most parameters are designed that way that you can simply select options without confusion about what value to define. All parameters are equipped with description text for easier understanding.

Style params

Parameters to control style dimensions

Layout Params
Parameters to control layout options

All JoomlaShine templates are equipped with native RTL layout support. We spent huge amount of time tweaking every tiny details of the template to make it look absolutely awesome in RTL mode. Everything is horizontally-flipped including dropdown main menu and side menu.

RTL layout support

(Select any menu item to get back to normal layout)




Zespół naszych Specjalistów Prenatalnych wykonujących badania prenatalne w naszym Centrum Badań Prenatalnych


Czym są badania prenatalne


Opis stosowanych przez nas badań prenatalnych, opis podstawowych zagadnień związanych z badaniami prenatalnymi


Materiały do pobrania


Przydatne materiały dla naszych Pacjentów, szukających dodatkowych informacji o naszej działalności


Warto wiedzieć


Rzeczy które warto wiedzieć o badaniach prenatalnych, dodatkowe informacje dla naszych Pacjentów



Rejestracja telefoniczna i przez internet - jak można umówić się na badania prenatalne i uzyskać niezbędne informacje



Nasza oferta badań prenatalnych oraz cennik usług z których mogą korzystać nasi Pacjenci



Przykładowe zdjęcia z badań prenatalnych wykonywanych w trakcie konsultacji medycznych



Nasi Partnerzy, dostawcy sprzętu i oprogramowania oraz Instytucje z którymi współpracujemy

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